This project would not have been possible without the amazing librarians at the Grace Doherty Library, Centre College. When I approached them about creating a digital collection from items in Centre's archives, they responded enthusiastically.

Mary Girard, Digital Scholarship Librarian, helped me with the scanning process, discussing appropriate digitization standards and appropriate archival practices. Beth Morgan, Special Collections and Archivist, helped gather materials and shared her knowledge of metadata schemas. I learned a great deal from Mary and Beth about what digital collections look like in the "real world" of academic libraries, and can only hope to learn more!

As a former student of Centre College it was a privilege to work with this material. I had little or no knowledge about much of the material presented here, and learned a great deal about the process of desegregating the student body at Centre. I hope this material will help others learn about the history of Centre College, and continue a wider discussion about the desegregation of traditionally all-White colleges in the South.