Mr. Robert E. Harding, Jr. Request for Application


Mr. Robert E. Harding, Jr. Request for Application


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April 26, 1950

Mr. Robert E. Harding, Jr.
Trailer 7
Kentucky State College
Frankfort, Kentucky

Dear Mr. Harding:

In view of the fact that there will not be a full meeting of our Board of Trustees until June 10, 1950, to consider any possible change in policy due to the recent revision of the stipulations of the Day Law, it will be impossible for us to make any change in that policy, if any is to be made, until after that date.

This probably will mean that it will be too late for you to get into summer school here this year. I therefore would suggest that you apply either to the University of Kentucky or one of the other institutions which already have indicated their willingness to accept Negro students.

I have every personal sympathy with your application. However, as you will recognize, there is nothing that can be done on the matter until our full Board has had an opportunity to express an opinion.

Very sincerely yours,

Walter A. Groves
Trailer 7,
Kentucky State College,
Frankfort, Kentucky,
April 17, 1950

Centre College,
Danville, KY

Dear Sir:

I am interested in enrolling in your school for the summer session. Please send me a summer school bulletin, or catalogue, and an application for entrance blank.

Yours Truly,

Robert E. Harding, Jr.

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Harding, Robert E. Jr.
Groves, Walter A.


Groves, Walter A.
Harding, Robert Jr.


Centre College


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